A Community Coming Together for Our Seniors

GenConnect is more than a project; it's a heartwarming mission to ensure every Jewish senior on Mercer Island, whether living in a senior community, alone, or with family, feels a profound sense of belonging and joy. Our initiative is a powerful response to the isolation and loneliness that many seniors face, offering a beacon of hope and connection.

Why GenConnect Is Essential:

Our monthly care packages, filled with home-baked challah, lovingly arranged flowers, and letters from Island Hebrew School children, are tangible reminders to our seniors that they are cherished members of our community. These packages are not just gifts; they symbolize our commitment to honoring, respecting, and connecting with the seniors in our midst. GenConnect embodies the Jewish values of caring, intergenerational respect, and the importance of community support.

Volunteering with GenConnect: A Rewarding Experience for Individuals and Families

GenConnect offers an exceptional volunteering opportunity, perfect for individuals looking to make a meaningful impact or families seeking a shared, enriching experience. Whether you're helping to bake challah, arrange flowers, or deliver care packages, volunteering with GenConnect is a chance to bond, give back, and create joyful moments for both the seniors and yourself.

Get Involved with GenConnect:

Your participation in GenConnect can bring immense joy and a sense of community to our seniors. Click here to join us as a volunteer or to nominate a senior for our care packages. Embrace this opportunity to be part of something truly special on Mercer Island, where every act of kindness creates ripples of positivity and connection.

Join GenConnect – Where Your Time and Heart Make All the Difference!