The Jewish Art Calendar now more that ever is an essential comforting resource for over 4,000 people on Mercer Island. Amidst all the crisis and chaos it is the familiar sense of time and its calming routine; a beautiful Jewish Art calendar complete with Shabbat and Holiday times and personal yartzeit dates and milestones to remember and live with.

IMG_2135.JPGAdvertising and altruism are not your typical allies. While one serves the self, the other is focused on others. With the Chabad Art Calendar, we’ve managed to bring the two together:

An opportunity to advertise your business while supporting your local community. Whether it’s scheduling business meetings, planning the week’s errands or checking Jewish holiday dates, more than 4,000 Mercer Island locals will see your business advertised in the Chabad Art Calendar, and will know of your dedication to supporting this community.

Not looking to advertise? Choose a special day in the calendar—your birthday, your anniversary, a Yahrzeit or milestone—and dedicate that day to someone’s memory. We’ve even created special dedication packages to help you make your mark on the upcoming year.

Help us transform each day of the upcoming year into a special community occasion.

Thank you for your support, and for partnering with us in building a brighter Jewish future.

Rabbi Nissan Kornfeld,

Director, Chabad Mercer Island 


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