Marking Moments, Building Bonds - The Jewish Art Calendar

Elevate Your Business Reach: Advertise in the Jewish Art Calendar, a Year-long Resource

Discover the enduring value of the Jewish Art Calendar—a cherished resource that transcends fleeting advertisements. Unlike most print advertisements with a short shelf life, our calendar is a trusted companion that will be referenced throughout the entire year.

In a world where information quickly fades into obscurity, the Jewish Art Calendar stands as a timeless beacon of guidance and inspiration. It not only provides essential dates and holiday information but also serves as a comforting presence, reminding individuals of their roots and traditions. This calendar becomes a treasured part of daily life, offering solace and a sense of belonging.

By advertising in the Jewish Art Calendar, your business message will resonate far beyond a brief moment. It will become a lasting fixture in the lives of over 4,000 Mercer Island residents who rely on this calendar every day. Your brand will be prominently displayed, ensuring continuous visibility and creating a lasting impression that endures throughout the year.

Celebrate and Remember: Dedicate Special Moments in the Jewish Art Calendar

But advertising is not the only way to make a meaningful impact. You can also choose to dedicate a special day in the calendar to honor a loved one's memory, celebrate your birthday or anniversary, or mark an important milestone. Our dedication packages are designed to help you create a lasting tribute and leave your mark on the upcoming year.

Join us in transforming each day into a memorable community occasion, as we work together to build a brighter future for the Jewish community. Your support and partnership are sincerely appreciated.

With gratitude,

Rabbi Nissan Kornfeld
Director, Chabad Mercer Island


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